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correcting granny hump posture


Fix Bad Posture Pre & Post X-rays
Arthritis Granny Hump


If you have ever noticed an older person with "granny hump", then you have witnessed the problem that your body cannot fix on its own. But you don't have to be a granny (or grandpa!) to have misalignments that are stuck forward.

As soon as you have had a trauma is as soon as you can get misalignments that your body cannot fix on its own.


This happens much earlier in your life than you would think. If you ever raised kids or were around babies and toddlers, then you have witnessed these traumas:


rolling off the couch or bed
falling down the stairs
hitting their head
getting dropped


It's amazing that kids don't kill themselves just learning to walk!

Misalignments can start even EARLIER than toddler days. The baby can be misaligned while still in Mom's tummy! If Mom's pelvis is twisted and doesn't allow baby to flip, then the baby's skeleton may grow contorted even before it is born.

Granny hump posture


Then consider the birthing process itself which isn't exactly gentle, whether it is natural OR C-section.

So even if you cannot recall a host of traumas that are responsible for misalignments, realize that you are in the majority of people who cannot recall their early childhood years. If you didn't have bones poking out or need stitches, you probably weren't retold time and again of your childhood injuries.

You should be worried if you are starting to look like your grandmother because there is a genuine MEDICAL risk to be concerned about:


A study published in the October 2004 issue of Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that bad posture can actually kill you! Granny hump posture--medically called hyperkyphosis--correlates with increased chance of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The people in the study who demonstrated even a slight hyperkyphosis had a 1.44 times greater mortality than those without this posture problem. This increased death rates due to bad posture by almost 150% over people who DIDN'T have the bad granny hump posture, or hyperkyphosis.

The study also found that people with hyperkyphosis were 240% more likely to die from hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and 200% more likely to die from lung-related issues.


The authors of the study believed that interventions specifically targeted at improving hyperkyphotic posture could result in reduced mortality rates.

The adjustments we perform in our office actually target that EXACT problem. Reducing bad granny hump posture by getting your body more upright could reduce your chance of death due to atherosclerosis or lung disease by a significant amount.

No amount of exercise will undo "granny hump" because there is NO muscle behind your spine to pull you backwards!

ABC(TM) adjustments use a system of gentle leverage to allow the spine to move BACKWARDS. Right after an ABC(TM) treatment, your spine is more upright, without trying. It is actually HARD to slump. Patients report regaining one-half to one inch of the height they used to have when they were younger. And they didn't have to do complicated rehab exercises or traction to achieve this excellent result.

This accounts for better-than-expected results for pain throughout the body. Bringing your body more upright takes a lot of pulling and stretching out of the spinal cord, muscles and bones.

Anterior Head Syndrome is our official terminology for "Granny Hump." And when your head is sitting forward and your upper back is rounding forward, you actually LENGTHEN the spinal cord.

Bones spurs or remodeling cause RUBBING on the covering of the spinal cord as it traverses the spinal canal. This leads to calluses on the covering of the nerves.

If you have complicated twists, you further increase the length the spinal cord must travel, causing even more STRETCH on the nerve tissue and even worse calluses on the covering of the nerves. This can be a source of sclerosing as in Multiple Sclerosis.

Some of the muscles attached to the skeleton get lengthened and weak. Others are shortened, tight and painful.

Restoring alignment in a way your body cannot fix itself removes immense tension and stretch off of nerves and removes layer of twisted bones which relieves the tension and resulting pain on twisted muscles and ligaments.

Since this method isn't TEACHING your spine to stay in place, you get a permanent fix. There is NO reason your spine wishes to return to that bad misaligned pattern. And we offer MANY strategies for fixing your sitting, sleeping and standing posture to prevent exacerbations.

Many other structural correction techniques advocate complicated stretching and traction to "teach" ligaments to stay in place. I have received some patients after long courses of "corrective care," only to find they still have pain. If you are correcting things, you should be in less pain, unless there is some limiting factor.

We will rule out MANY limiting factors before accepting you for care.

If you haven't gotten the relief you were seeking with traditional chiropractic care, then see what our patients say about how we are DIFFERENT. Because WE ARE.


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